Dan by sadademort

Art by sadademort.

The first Once-ler dad blog in the fandom, started on March 14th, 2012 . Based on the headcanons of the original Once-ler blog, askonceler , the blog more often than not runs in chronological order, telling a story that follows one main plot, with many subplots and side-stories. It utilizes roleplay, art, asks, and stand-alone written work to tell the story, and is run by tumblr user i-would-kindly .

The blog opens with Daniel, the Once-ler's father, trying to find his son. Through probing asks he reveals that when he was a young man he was a rockstar of some notable fame (DANNY). Through it he went places, lived an exciting life, and led him to marry one of his groupies, a girl named Roxanne . They had their first children, Brett and Chet, and for a while everything was idealic. Over time however his band declined in popularity, their revenue stopped coming in, and he had to give it up just before their third son, Once-ler, was born. During the eight years preluding his departure Dan's and Roxie's marriage heavily declined, due to money trouble, loss of romance between them, and Dan's realization that he was "living someone else's life".

After leaving in the dead of night he went out into the world to try again at being a star. This venture failed miserably, and Dan was left destitute and homeless. The only option was to go back to Roxanne and his family, but pride wouldn't let him. Here in lies Dan's first lesson: "Pride comes before the fall." It's also the title of the blog, with the attachment of the word "kiddo", which is Dan's affectionate pet name for his son.

Fast forwarding 14 years brings us to the present, where Dan finds a newspaper detailing the success of a young man and his amazing invention, the Thneed. Having miraculously found his way to the town of Greenville, Dan bides his time before appraoching his son, fearing the worst. After harsh words and long talks, Dan is forgiven, and taken in by Once-ler, who gives him work caring for the animals, the cottage, and acting as manager to the Tuft Collectors, prior to his invention of the Thwackers.