About the askblogEdit

Boob-loving-onceler, also known as Boob-ler or simply just 'Boob'.

His blog replies mostly consists of text or artwork created by the mod. He does both roleplays and magic!anons. His first post was on 6th of September 2012.

About the characterEdit

It is known that he has a large personal library filled with a vast amount and variety of boobs. Sometimes he is asked by other users if he has boobs that are related to a certain topic or genre that they are looking for, he usually has the boobs they are looking for. So it is very rare for him not to have boobs that the person is looking for.


He is often depicted to be kind, caring and warm hearted. He is also a bit hasty in his decisions as well as being bold and being quite lucky a number of times. His luck is what managed to save him when he first met Wendigo-ler. Most of the time, he is patient with those who are difficult to deal with.


  • Boob-ler is known to have a bad temper if you don't treat boobs with care or hurt his friends.
  • He still plays the guitar but most of his time is spent on reading his vast boob collection in his personal library.
  • His home is located in a truffula forest by a large lake.