In the Once-ler fandom there are many ships. There are two main paring, Normaler, and Oncest.


"Oncest" orginiated as a pairing between "Oncie" (innoncent/pre biggering Once-ler) and "Greed-ler" (post biggering Once-ler). However, as the number of ask blogs grew, many of them paired off with one another, creating sub-ships. These ships often have thier own name, and now the Oncie/Greedler pairing is often referred to as "Classic Oncest".

  • (link to list of Oncest sub-ships)


Normaler is a pairing between the Once-ler and often a young Grandma Norma. Though not as widly received as Oncest, it has inspired many peices of fanworks and has even been acted out through ask blogs.

Other PairingsEdit

Though Oncest and Normaler are by far the most popular pairings within the fandom, there are other ships that have small following of thier own.

Greenshipping is between the Once-ler and the secondary character Audrey. Though not a well known or accepted ship, it has its own dedicated fanbase.

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