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The begining

The first design and drawing of Flu. (Drawn By GhostThumb on Tumblr)

The Truffula-Flu blog (not to be confused with The Truffula Flu AU itself.) was originally created to represent a harvester who had been bitten and slowly became a zombie, with the URL taken and no activity, the author of the blog deleted all posts pertaining to such events and created the personification of The Truffula Flu virus.


Truffula Flu (Also known as "Flu", "Flusie", "Truff", and "Truffs") was created by Entre during a biological experiment on the Truffula Tree genes to make a more diverse selection of colored tufts.


Truffula Flu could speak through slightly altering the mind to think what he wanted you to hear.

He was quoted explaining such to SurvivialSwag as:

" asked how I can talk... well I thought I should honestly tell you. There is pollen in the air, right? Well no matter what, a little of that pollen and infection gets into you. Not enough to change you. I'm not speaking. You are merely thinking, and man's thoughts can be easily altered. That's how flu can talk."


He continued terrorizing several Once-lers until he was personified.

Once personified he terrorized in many different ways.



Flu has gray, pale, skin with glowing yellow boils filled with puss, blood, and infection. His hair and eyes are a matching, glowing, yellow as well.


Truffula Flu is always seen wearing a black jacket with a blue, truffula tuft like liner, and a yellow v-neck tee shirt. Safety pinned to his jacket is an arm band with the biohazard warning symbol. His pants resemble the stripes on a Truffula tree and his shoes are blue with a white toe and heel.


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