Wendigo-Ler is a cursed greensuit Once-ler

Wendy by timidlerandsmokie

by Timidlerandsmokie

About The Ask BlogEdit

Wendigo-ler was created after the mod decided to be a part of the Once-ler ask blog fandom. His posts consist of fanart, gifs and text posts. His attire consist of the a black version of the green suit uniform with an open vest, A black and white pinstripe tie, A black hat with a white ribbon, and a pumpkin shaped lapel pin (instead of a truffula puff) , and a Wendigo Skull mask (Deer Skull with fangs) that he wears over his head. His eyes glow yellow and can change from dim to bright depending on mood.

Wendigo-lers first post was on July 7th 2012

Asks are planned to be drawn as well as original art in the upcoming weeks.

About The CharacterEdit

Wendigo-ler is a green suit once-ler that was cursed by the Lorax for his insatiable greed and crimes against nature. He dons a wendigo skull to hide his face. Wendigo-ler is usually seen hanging around Book Loving Once-ler and some times on occasion Eat-ler and The Deal-ler. Wendigo-ler is in a relationship with Jack-ler

He is usually refered to as Wendy which is his most popular nickname though jokingly the mod of the ask blog and Book-Loving-Once-ler have refered to him as Wendy The Roodigo as an inside joke.


He is fiercly protective over his friends and family and is usually conisdered dangerous.

He's usually pretty quiet and intense at times. He's not afraid to shove people around if they get in his way.

Powers and AblitiesEdit

  • Supernatural strength
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Enahnced Senses
  • Hyper Intelligence
  • Night Vision
  • Attuned to nature (Every rock, tree, cave and river etc in his territory)
  • Stealth
  • Power over nature (not quite adept in this yet)


  • Silver
  • Fire
  • Weapons made out of iron, steel and silver

The Curse Edit

Wendigo FeverEdit

The Wendigo Fever is perhaps the most feared. It is a terrible curse, overtaking the mind and body of the unfortunate victim. The first symptom of the curse is a strange scent, detectable only to the intended victim. After absorbing this disturbing odor, the victim experiences a long night of weeping and horrifying nightmares. Upon awakening, the victim experiences a burning pain in the legs and feet, which becomes so intense that the victim runs into the forest, shrieking like a maniac, and discarding clothing and shoes all the while. Most of the curse’s victims never return, although those who do return are irrevocably insane from their experiences of the curse and the Wendigo itself. It is thought that most of the curse’s victims are devoured by the Wendigo.

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Wendigo-ler shares a close kinship to the animals of his Truffala Forest. He has been known to be seen with various animals such as barbaloots, swamiswans and huming fish. He even shares his kills and any fruit he finds with them.

As of 2017 Edit

Currently the blog is no longer active and the character has been turned into an OC unrelated to the fandom.

The character belongs to the tumblr user KingOfDoritos Aka KingGigabyte (On deviantart)